Local Furnace Repair Services in Gurnee, IL and Surrounding Communities

There’s no doubt that winters in Lake County can be severe, resulting in extremely cold temperatures and enormous amounts of snow. To avoid coming back to a frosty and frigid home after a long day’s work, it’s important that you maintain your heating system so it operates properly when you depend on it the most. In addition, you’ll want to pay special attention to whether your heating system needs a minor repair or a major replacement. Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. can help in both instances.

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Heater Installation

As your heating system starts to age, it can become inefficient or stop working altogether. At Herchenbach Mechanical Inc., our certified and experienced HVAC installers complete every heating system installation to the highest standard. Whether you own a small home or a large house, we have a heating solution that will ensure your indoor environment doesn’t feel as cold as ice during the winter.

If you’re on the fence about whether to replace or repair your heating system, consider a replacement if:

  • Your system is getting old. Most furnace systems last about 15 years. If your furnace is reaching that mark or older, a heating repair won’t make much sense as an investment because a major component failure could be looming.
  • Your energy bills are high. If your energy bill has unexpectedly increased over time, taking higher energy costs into account, it’s likely your furnace just can’t handle workload anymore. Save your money on both the energy bills and costly future repairs by investing in a new heating system.
  • Your heating system has already had multiple repairs. If you’ve already put a lot of money into keeping your old furnace operating, then it’s probably time to start thinking about and saving for a new heating system.

Herchenbach Mechanical offers a range of products to replace an old furnace. Many modern furnaces are as energy efficient as any other heating solution, with AFUE ratings climbing into the high 90s. Herchenbach Mechanical can help you decide between the finest selection of modern furnaces for your home’s heating needs.

Heater Repair

In some cases, it’s still worth repairing your furnace. Herchenbach Mechanical has the experience and expertise to work on all makes and models of heating systems, ensuring you aren’t shaking and shivering for too long when your furnace breaks down. Here are some of the most common problems to keep an eye out for:

  • Overheating
  • Problems with the electric ignition or pilot control
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • No heat
  • Heating system cycles frequently
  • Heating blower runs continuously
  • Loud and unusual noises

The sooner you notice something wrong, the faster we can complete the heater repair. To prevent further damage to your heating system, contact Herchenbach Mechanical immediately so our technicians can remedy the problem before it’s unrepairable.

Heater Maintenance

Performing heater maintenance throughout the year helps prolong your heating system’s life and helps it operate more efficiently. When you entrust Herchenbach Mechanical with your heater service, you can expect our certified technicians to tackle every facet of your heating system. A preventative maintenance agreement is an option to consider, ensuring that your heating system gets all the attention it deserves from our team of experts. Although it’s an investment today, it’ll pay off tomorrow by lowering your energy bills and by helping you avoid costly repairs.

For more information about the heater services we offer, like heater repair and installation, call Herchenbach Mechanical or contact us via the Web form. We’re also happy to assist you with finding the right furnace.

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