As much of a downer as it might be for most folks, the summer is gone and it’s time to start preparing for the winter that lies ahead. And although forecasters are expecting a warmer winter because of El Nino, residents in Gurnee, Illinois, and the surrounding areas should still expect freezing temperatures in the months to come.

With that said, here are six hot tips to maintain your heating system.

Shut Your Heating System Down Before Performing Maintenance

First and foremost, turn your heating system off before performing any furnace or boiler maintenance. This means that you should shut off both the electric power and the fuel supply. Forgetting to do either can lead to a major health hazard.

Clean Your Heating System’s Combustion Chamber

If enough soot collects in your heating system’s combustion chamber, it can cause its walls to erode. When performing furnace maintenance, use a small wire brush to scrape the soot off. Then, use an industrial shop vacuum to remove loose material.

Inspect Your Heating System’s Exhaust Flue Pipe

This is a critical part of furnace maintenance, as a leaking exhaust flue pipe can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Although you can use foil tape to patch smaller holes, larger holes should be repaired by a professional HVAC contractor.

Replace Your Heating System’s Oil Filter

If you own an oil-powered system, you’ll want to change its filter so that small impurities don’t get into it and cause your furnace to shut down. To do this, close the oil valve, remove the old oil filter and replace it with the new one. Remember to dispose of the old oil filter in accordance to local regulations.

Change Your Heating System’s Air Filter

Of all the maintenance tasks you can perform on your heating system, this one is likely the easiest – and it helps it operate much more efficiently. When changing the furnace filter, look for any abnormalities to the belts or blowers in the system.

Clean Your Heating System’s Floor Vents

Last but not least, take a walk around your home and clean all of your floor vents. Floor registers attract all sorts of debris, like pet hair, dust and scraps of paper. This can reduce system efficiency and cost you more throughout the winter. Simply remove the floor registers and use a vacuum to clear all the obstructions.

For more information about furnace and boiler maintenance, check out the heating services we offer or contact us at (847) 260-9335.

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