Maintaining a comfortable, healthy, and safe indoor environment in your Gurnee, IL business is critical. Most small to medium-size businesses in the area use furnaces for wintertime heating needs. If you notice any of the following signs, your business needs prompt furnace repair services performed by commercial HVAC experts.

Poor Temperature Control

If some areas of your business aren’t getting any heat, your HVAC system could have a ductwork or furnace problem. Large temperature variations or insufficient heat throughout your business are also signs that you need professional furnace repair services.


Short-cycling is when the furnace turns on for less than one minute, shuts off for a minute or two and turns on again. A tripped safety switch, thermostat problem, burner or pilot light issue, or malfunctioning gas valve may lead to short-cycling in your furnace. You’ll need commercial HVAC experts to take a look and troubleshoot the problem.

Unusual Sounds

The only sounds you should hear from the furnace are a click when the fan turns on and off and the whooshing of the heated air blowing through the ducts and vents. If you hear grinding, loud humming, banging, screeching, or hissing sounds, these aren’t normal. You’ll need an HVAC expert to diagnose the unusual sounds.

Funky Odors

Properly functioning furnaces shouldn’t release any odors. If you notice a burning odor or the smell of natural gas, this is an urgent problem that requires an immediate repair. A musty or organic smell suggests that your furnace may need maintenance or a repair of its humidifier.

High Utility Bills

If your utility bills keep going up for no apparent reason, a poorly performing furnace could be the reason. According to Energy Star, a furnace in disrepair often uses more energy, which will cause your gas and electricity bills to increase.

For more information about the signs your business’s furnace needs attention, check out Herchenbach Mechanical Inc’s furnace repair services, or contact our commercial HVAC experts today.

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