Cold temperatures have arrived in Gurnee, IL, so you’ll be turning to your heating system for relief from the chilly air. A properly functioning heater should run until it reaches the temperature set point on your thermostat, then it should remain off for a while until the indoor temperature drops more than one to two degrees below the setting. If your heater is short-cycling, one or more of the following issues could be to blame.

Outdoor Temperature

A typical heater turns on and off three to eight times per hour. If yours cycles more than eight times per hour, consider the outdoor temperature. On a particularly frigid day, your heater may be short-cycling in order to keep your home warm. If you have any doors or windows open, the heater will constantly cycle due to the influx of cold air.

Thermostat Malfunction

A malfunctioning or improperly located thermostat may also cause your heater to be short-cycling. If you just got the thermostat installed or moved it to a new spot, proximity to a heat source or a window may be to blame. An issue with the thermostat’s sensor or wiring could lead to frequent heating system cycles.

Refrigerant Leak

If your home has a heat pump, a refrigerant leak may cause short cycling. In the wintertime, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoor air and transfers it into your home. When there’s not enough refrigerant, the system must cycle more frequently. If too much refrigerant leaks, the system’s safety switch will power it off.

Dirty Air Filter

According to the Department of Energy, a dirty filter is a common cause of frequent heater cycling. Soot, ash, dust, or debris buildup in an air handler, combustion chamber, or ductwork may also lead to frequent heating cycles. Be sure to replace the filter every one to three months for improved efficiency.

For more information about short-cycling, take a look at Herchenbach Mechanical Inc.’s heating repair services, or contact our qualified heating technicians today.

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