Gurnee homeowners need a reliable source of heat. They also need affordable heat because Lake County winters are bitterly cold. Annual furnace maintenance can substantially reduce your heating bills by promoting high-efficiency operation. Here’s how it works:

Keeps Your Furnace Clean

After a year of potentially nonstop operation, Gurnee furnaces get seriously soiled. Gritty dirt can cover every surface and penetrate every crevice. Accumulated grunge can interfere with the performance of high-tech components.

The layer of grunge makes it difficult for your furnace to push warm air through the system. When grime is removed during a tune-up, the furnace can generate heat without resistance. A good cleaning can give even an old furnace new life.

Removes Airflow Obstacles

The importance of keeping furnace filters clean cannot be overstated. A filter change is part of a tune-up, but you have to change the filters yourself between maintenance visits. When filters get clogged, they severely impede airflow.

Various furnace components may start to fail. Furnace motors can overheat and crash the system. Clogged filters can damage the heat exchanger or cause a furnace to repeatedly short cycle. You might find yourself with greatly reduced heat or no heat at all. Check your furnace filter often. If you can’t see through it, replace it. The cleaner the filter, the more efficient the furnace.

Attenuates High-Performance Capabilities

Poor maintenance can increase energy use by up to 60 percent while costing you a king’s ransom. During a tune-up, a qualified service technician will use advanced diagnostic tools to optimize energy efficiency, maximize comfort and ensure safety. Regular tune-ups can keep furnaces in a like-new condition and extend their service lives substantially.

The energy experts at Herchenbach Mechanical can keep your furnace healthy all winter and reduce your energy costs overall. Call us now to learn more.

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