Furnaces are supposed to get hot, but an overheated furnace can quickly become a health and safety issue in your Gurnee, IL, home. You should never ignore an overheating furnace. Continuing to use an overheated furnace could cause major heating system damage, and it increases your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If a furnace’s heat exchanger overheats, it will provide you with one or more of these telltale signs that it needs urgent furnace repairs.

Burning Smell

A properly functioning furnace shouldn’t release any odors. If you notice a burning smell that lasts for more than 30 minutes, turn off the furnace. The odor could either be from particles getting too hot and burning in the combustion chamber or wiring or other electrical components getting too hot. Check the air filter. If it’s dirty, replace it. Energy Star recommends inspecting the furnace filter monthly and cleaning or replacing it every one to three months. If you still smell a burning odor, turn off the furnace and schedule prompt furnace repairs.

Unusual Noises

The only noises you should hear coming from your furnace are a click on at the start of a heating cycle and the whooshing of the blower motor as it pushes the heated air through the vents. If you hear a loud humming sound, the motor is working too hard. An overworked motor will quickly get too hot.

Frequent and Short Heating Cycles

If your furnace turns off in the middle of a heating cycle, overheating is a possible cause. When the motor gets too hot, the furnace’s safety limit switch automatically turns it off. The furnace won’t be able to turn on again for at least 60 seconds. Once the motor cools off a little, it will turn on again. This frequent cycling stresses the motor and can lead to its premature failure.

For more information about the signs of an overheating furnace, take a look at Herchenbach Mechanical Inc.’s furnace repairs, or contact our heating system experts today.

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