A modulating gas furnace can keep your Gurnee, Illinois, home snug and toasty all winter. It can do this regardless of how cold it gets. Best of all, modulating furnaces perform this notable feat using considerably less energy than standard furnaces.

Lower Utility Bills

These furnaces boast state-of-the-art variable speed technology. After achieving the thermostat setting, they maintain the desired temperature with constant incremental adjustments to output. Because these furnaces usually operate at a reduced capacity, they decrease energy usage substantially.

Modulating furnaces have annual fuel utilization efficiencies (AFUE) of up to 98 percent. That means the furnace converts 98 percent of the fuel it uses into heat. By contrast, a standard furnace with an AFUE of 85 converts only 85 percent of its fuel into heat. Even though you pay for 100 percent, 15 percent goes out the proverbial window.

Consistent Heating

If you’re tired of needing a sweater in some rooms and breaking into a sweat in others, a modulating furnace is for you. This innovative heating system keeps indoor temperatures within one degree of the thermostat setting in every room.

Cleaner Air and Less Noise

Long, slow running times ensure that indoor air is constantly circulating through the filter. The more that air is filtered, the cleaner it will be. You’ll also enjoy significant noise reduction compared to standard furnaces.

Affordable Installation Options

Because the modulating furnace is so efficient, it can pay for itself within a few years. At Herchenbach Mechanical, we offer competitive pricing every day and seasonal discounts for even greater value and savings. Our knowledgeable experts can help you find the system that best fits your needs and your budget.

The heating system experts at Herchenbach Mechanical perform modulating gas furnace installations throughout the Gurnee area. Visit us online or call us directly to discover how a modulating furnace installation can make those brutal winters better.

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