It’s easy to overlook, but your indoor air quality can have a serious impact on your health and wellness. In particular, controlling particulate matter is essential to having a healthy Gurnee, IL home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, particles smaller than 10 micrometers are especially concerning. They’re small enough to be inhaled deep into your lungs and can even enter your bloodstream. With that in mind, these important steps can help you get rid of particulates and breathe a little easier.

Practice Good HVAC Maintenance

There’s good news and bad news if you own an HVAC system. The good news is your system’s already equipped to filter out some particulate matter and improve indoor air quality. The bad news is your equipment can also make things worse if it’s not properly maintained. Poor maintenance compromises the effectiveness of your air filters and can increase the risk of organic growth. Fortunately, keeping scheduled maintenance visits is enough to prevent these issues and ensure your HVAC system is doing its job.

Install an Air Cleaner

If your existing air filters aren’t controlling particulates, it’s time to bring in more firepower. Adding an air cleaner system is among the best options available for improving your air quality. High-quality air cleaners scrub away over 90 percent of particulate matter and protect you against a variety of airborne pathogens.

Improve Your Ventilation

Even in the Gurnee area, the air outside your home is typically less polluted than indoors. By installing a ventilator system, you can use that fact to your advantage. Ventilators pull in a steady supply of fresh air and flush out indoor air that’s become stale and polluted. Best of all, modern systems do this without adding to the burden on your heating and cooling systems.

High levels of particulates in your home should be treated as a legitimate health hazard. That means acting quickly to remove the contaminants and eliminate them at their sources. For more ways to accomplish this, check out Herchenbach Mechanical’s indoor air quality services or call (847) 260-9335 to speak with an air quality expert today.

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