When it comes to heating, gas furnace valves are an open-and-shut case. They open when your thermostat calls for heat, then close again when your Grayslake, IL, home reaches the desired temperature. Since the valve directs the flammable fuel to the burners, it’s critical to ensure it’s working properly. For safety’s sake, you’ll want to take prompt action if you notice any of the following signs.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

If the fan runs for a short period but circulates cold air, chances are a safety device has shut down the burners to prevent overheating. It’s not always a malfunctioning gas furnace valve that causes this problem. Dirty or clogged filters can cut off airflow to your furnace, triggering the burners to shut down. You can avoid many heating repairs by checking and replacing the filter every month.

Repeated Clicking Noises

Modern gas furnaces feature electronic ignitions that eliminate the safety risks and high energy bills associated with a constantly burning pilot light. Some models even feature modulating gas valves that adjust fuel output to match your heating demands.

It’s natural for furnaces with electronic ignitions to make a clicking noise when they switch on. Repeated clicking, however, means it’s time to call a qualified technician to determine if the problem lies in the valve or the ignition.

Electrical Problems

Furnaces rely on electrical components called thermocouples or thermopiles to hold gas furnace valves open. Problems can occur when they don’t generate enough voltage to do the job. The wiring connected to the gas valve can also fail, particularly in older furnaces. Experienced technicians will ensure all electrical connections properly operate before suggesting a replacement.

Whatever causes your furnace to malfunction, you can rely on the professionals at Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. to set things right. For more information, check out our furnace repair services or call us today.

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