From the quiet beauty of fresh-fallen snow to the fun of holiday parties, there’s a lot to love about winter. Shivering with cold in a drafty home isn’t one of them. Winterizing helps keep your domicile snug and cozy when temperatures in Lake County plummet. A weather-tight home saves you money on heating too. Home improvements that enhance energy efficiency put more cash in your pocket for holiday fun and festivities.

Dodge the Drafts

Any crack, gap or opening in your home’s exterior walls is an open invitation to Old Man Winter. A stick of burning incense makes it easy to identify the source of bone-chilling drafts. Wherever the smoke wavers, you’ll save energy and money by sealing the leaks:

  • If a window rattles when you press it, chances are it’s leaking air. Use weatherstripping or caulking to seal gaps around drafty windows.
  • Even a small gap under an exterior door can let in as much air as a baseball-size hole. A screw-on doorsweep keeps the cold air from creeping indoors.
  • A can of spray-foam sealant comes in handy for plugging gaps around conduits like plumbing and gas pipes. Use it to seal gaps around baseboards too.
  • Wall sockets and switches also let cold air inside. Seal them with fitted insulation pads that pop easily into place.

Tip! Don’t neglect drafts that emanate from the attic. Insulation slows down heat loss but won’t stop the flow of air. Plug gaps around anything that extends through the ceiling, including light fixtures, pipes and ductwork.

Schedule a Heater Tune-Up

Up to 20 percent of household heating and cooling costs goes to waste from drafts and poorly operating HVAC systems. Keep your heater running at peak energy efficiency with preventive maintenance from Herchenbach Mechanical. Our experts will ensure your heater works well all winter long.

Serving the communities of Lake County, Illinois, Herchenbach Mechanical is dedicated to keeping you warm and toasty this winter. For more smart ideas about home heating, explore our heating solutions or call (847) 260-9335.

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