There’s nothing quite like a well-functioning furnace to keep you warm indoors during the icy cold winters in Gurnee, IL. Producing air warmed to a toasty 120 degrees, they supply the kind of enveloping warmth you want when outdoor temperatures plummet. How do you ensure you get the most from your investment? Here’s what to expect during a furnace installation and what you can do to prepare for it.

Partner with Professionals

First and foremost, make sure the technicians who install your new furnace have the expertise and experience it takes to get the job done. A reputable company won’t hesitate to answer your questions. Next, schedule an in-house consultation and ask about energy efficiency ratings as you explore your options. Since more than half of residential energy used in Illinois is for heating, it pays to choose the most efficient model you can afford.

Get Your Home Ready

The last thing you want is for the air your heater produces to escape into the great outdoors. Before the day of your new furnace installation arrives, take some time to check your home for air leaks.

  • If a window rattles when you touch it, seal it with weatherstripping to plug the leaks.
  • Look into spray foam insulation to seal gaps around pipes, cable lines, or vents in exterior walls.
  • Anything that passes through a floor or ceiling should be sealed tight against air leaks.

Heating Load Calculations

Before installing your new furnace, expect your contractors to inspect your home to size the equipment properly. Improper installation can reduce system efficiency by up to 30%. From the size of your property to the number of occupants, a qualified technician will determine the correct size by analyzing every factor that influences indoor comfort.

A new heating system from Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. offers opportunities to lower your energy bills and elevate your comfort. To learn more, check out our furnace installation services or call us today.

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