Below-zero weather can last for days in Gurnee, Illinois, and when the temperature climbs to zero, it feels warm. Living here requires a robust heater that can hold its own with even the most powerful arctic air. Although a brand-new, high-efficiency furnace can easily handle this kind of cold, most of us have to make do with heating systems of different ages and in various states of repair and winter-readiness. Whether your heater is new, middle-aged or ready for retirement, here’s what you can do to help it do its job:

Have Your Heating System Serviced

When you treat your heater to a tuneup, you’re giving it a new lease on life. Maintenance includes a deep-cleaning to remove accumulated grunge from last winter that would otherwise slow the unit down and make it overwork. An experienced HVAC service technician will check and calibrate the controls and thermostat, lubricate all moving parts, check the condensate drain and tighten all electrical, gas or oil connections. Your tech will also check the gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger for safety issues.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

Nothing will interfere with high-efficiency furnace performance more than a dirty filter. Not only will it cause your utility bills to go up and your indoor comfort to go down, but it can also destroy your heater. That’s a dangerous combination for a sub-zero night, so check the filter monthly and replace it when it starts to get dirty.

Schedule Furnace Repair If You Suspect a Problem

Even the best heaters can develop issues. If your unit is well-maintained, chances are good that a potential problem is minor, but it’s best to have any concerns checked by a professional, especially when sub-zero temperatures come into play.

At Herchenbach Mechanical Inc., we can help you with any heating system issues that might require a repair. Call us at (847) 260-9335 in Gurnee, Illinois, and one of our experienced service technicians will help you troubleshoot the situation.

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