During the cold and wet of the winter months, it can be difficult to maintain healthy indoor air. When the weather is cold or inclement, most people prefer to leave their windows and doors closed as much as possible to prevent unnecessary heat loss. However, if you live in a home with poor air quality, you may experience lingering colds, chronic asthma or increased allergies.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of the indoor air can be affected by a wide variety of pollutants. Some of these are listed below:

  • Chemical cleaning products
  • New paint
  • Radon
  • Mold, pollen and dander

Although these pollutants are invisible, they can cause health problems such as sinus congestion, dizziness and eye irritation. Weatherizing the home with caulk and weather stripping in an attempt to save on energy costs can reduce fresh air transfer and concentrate the contaminants. As a result, health problems caused by indoor air pollution are often called “tight building syndrome.”

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air quality inside your home can be improved in several ways.

  • Air Purification Systems – Air purification systems clean the air by sucking it through a filter system and blowing the fresh air back into your living space. These systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can help decrease recurrent allergies.
  • Living Plants – Plants cleanse and purify the air of your home by adding extra oxygen. Bamboo, aloe vera and Boston fern are among the many plants suited for indoor use.
  • Have Your Air Tested – Because many of the contaminants inside homes are invisible, it is important to have your air tested on a regular basis. Having your indoor air tested by a trusted company will give you the assurance that the air you breathe is as fresh as it can be.

For more information about the importance of good indoor air quality, take a look at Herchenbach Mechanical’s indoor air solutions or call (847) 260-9335.

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