How long have you owned your heat pump in Gurnee, IL? If it has exceeded 10 or even 15 years, then it might be a smart move to start thinking about getting a new one in the near future. Heat pumps give signs that they need replacing, three of which we want to share with you below.

Consistently Lukewarm Air

Maybe you’ve noticed that the heat pump never cools your home to the temperature you desire; it always feels lukewarm inside. If this continues after you’ve had the system repaired, then you should probably consider a heat pump replacement. Other times, lukewarm air can point to a repair job that’s so costly that you may not want to go for it in the first place.

More Frequent Repairs

Take into account how often your heat pump breaks down. Did it do so more than once last year? IF so, how much did these repairs cost? If the fixes were minor, then you may not need to feel so much concern at the moment. However, if the motor or any other essential components have worn out recently, that shows that the system is on its last leg.

Higher Utility Bills

You expect to pay more for cooling when summer hits and when temperatures really hit their peak. Apart from that, there should be no reason for your energy bill to increase. A dramatic increase will point to an inefficient heat pump that’s working harder to do the same satisfactory job it used to.

Regular professional maintenance can help prevent problems from cropping up in your heat pump. During a tune-up, the technician may also determine just what’s causing your bills to skyrocket.

Call Our Friendly Experts Today

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