Summer is finally here, and although the sunny weather brings smiles to the faces of residents in Gurnee, Illinois, the cooling costs can turn them upside down – into a frown. To help lower your monthly energy bills this summer, so you have more money to spend on the fun outdoor activities abound, follow these four home HVAC tips.

Change Your Air Filter on the First Day of Every Month

Although experts recommend that you check your air filter monthly for excess dust and dirt, which can inhibit your air conditioner from operating properly, we advise you to forget the checking and change it monthly throughout the summer. To help you remember, change your air filter on the first of the month – July, August and September.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans So They Rotate in the Right Direction

Which way should my ceiling fans rotate and when? It’s a common question that many homeowners continuously ask because they constantly forget. During the summer, when you want the fan blades to create a wind-chill effect that helps cool anyone in the room, your ceiling fans should run in a counterclockwise direction. Remember to turn the ceiling fans off when you aren’t in the room, though, because they’re of no use at that point other than wasting energy.

Keep Your Home’s Humidity Level Within an Optimal Range

With the right humidity levels, your home will feel cooler and help your air conditioner work a little less often. In most cases, you want to keep your home humidity between 30 and 50 percent. To keep outdoor humidity from entering your home, ensure it’s sealed properly. You might also want to consider investing in an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier.

Remember That It’s Never Too Late to Invest in Maintenance

Although spring is the best time to schedule air conditioning maintenance, it’s never too late to have your unit checked by a professional service technician. If you want to improve efficiency, lower energy costs and reduce the risk of a breakdown this summer, HVAC maintenance is by far your best option for achieving those goals.

For more information about how a professional tuneup can help your cooling system operate better this summer, or if you’d like one of our service technicians to visit your home to perform maintenance, check out our AC services page or contact Herchenbach Mechanical, Inc. at (847) 260-9335. We look forward to filling your summer with savings.

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