You depend on your furnace to keep things cozy inside your Grayslake, IL, home. In some cases, however, it may create unpleasant smells during startup or operation. Knowing which odors could pose a threat to you and your family will allow you to operate your heating system with greater confidence. Here are some furnace smells to watch out for and others you can safely ignore.

What Furnace Odors Are Normal?

Some furnace smells are commonplace and caused by your system’s normal operation. While regular furnace maintenance can often reduce the incidence of these odors, they should not be cause for concern. These smells include the following:

  • Dampness after your furnace has been shut off for some time. Be careful though because if that smell persists, it needs to be dealt with asap.
  • Musty odors signal it’s time to change your air filter to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
  • Burning dust smells are also normal and usually dissipate after a few minutes of furnace operation. If your system is especially dusty, however, you may need a maintenance visit to determine the underlying cause of the problem.

Furnace Smells That Can Be Cause for Concern

Some odors that can emanate from your furnace should be checked immediately by an experienced HVAC technician. These potentially hazardous odors include:

  • Rotten eggs or sulfur odors usually indicate a natural gas leak. Because natural gas is odorless, mercaptan is added to create the characteristic rotten eggs odor of this flammable substance.
  • The smell of burning wiring is also a clear indication to call on your local HVAC company for assistance in pinpointing the problem.
  • Chemical smells could indicate a cracked heat exchanger that poses a risk to you and your family.

If furnace smells are making you feel uneasy, get in touch with the pros at Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. We’ll put your mind at ease by performing a comprehensive inspection and identifying any apparent problems. To learn more about our lineup of furnace repair services or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today. We are here to serve you now and when you need us most.

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