Without proper airflow, your air conditioner will overwork and be at risk for a breakdown and AC repairs. According to Energy Star, poor airflow can increase cooling costs by up to 15 percent. It can also cause high humidity in Gurnee, IL homes. Here’s how to keep your AC’s airflow going strong:

Don’t Skip AC Maintenance

AC maintenance includes airflow testing. Your service technician will examine the blower components to detect any performance issues. The system will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent dirty buildup from obstructing the flow of air.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected

Neglected ductwork can cause various airflow problems. Dirty buildup in the ducts can restrict airflow, and your air conditioner will overwork to force air through the grunge. Leaky ducts allow cooled air to escape and your AC will work overtime to cover the losses. The upshot can be skyrocketing power bills and a tired air conditioner that burns out before its time.

Keep the AC Filters Clean

Most filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days but the exact frequency varies. The more activity in a home, the more quickly the filters will get dirty. Your AC will overwork to power through a dirty filter. Meanwhile, indoor comfort diminishes and energy bills can spike dramatically.

Install the Correct Filters

The wrong type of filter can cause airflow problems. The filters you choose should have the MERV rating recommended by your AC’s manufacturer. A filter that’s too dense will block airflow as effectively as a dirty filter.

At Herchenbach Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we also recommend that you keep your HVAC registers open, clean, and unobstructed. The area around the outdoor unit should be regularly cleared and maintained as well. Call us at (847) 260-9335 to learn more about how seasonal AC maintenance prevents most airflow problems and reduces the incidence of AC repairs.

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