By using ductless multi-splits in your Gurnee, IL home, you can have it all. Custom comfort, enviable energy-efficiency, and enormous versatility are just three desirable characteristics of these advanced systems.

What Is Home Zoning?

Zoning lets you heat or cool one room without heating or cooling the other rooms. Streamlined indoor units are mounted high on the wall or ceiling of a room or zone. Each unit has its own remote thermostat, and it controls temperatures in its designated area. Units can be programmed differently and set to maintain different temperatures in different rooms or zones.

Zoning and Energy-Efficiency

Retiring your ductwork will save you money immediately. The average home loses up to 30 percent of heated and cooled air through leaky ducts. Ductless systems deliver conditioned air directly from the outdoor unit to the indoor units. Zoning also puts an end to the family thermostat wars. Ductless technology allows everyone to have it their way.

Variable-Speed Blower Motors

Zoned systems are significantly enhanced when powered by a variable-speed blower motor. These blowers don’t turn off when the desired temperature is reached. Instead, they switch to lower speeds and longer running times to create a more comfortable and consistent environment. It takes less energy to maintain a constant temperature than it does to cycle on and off. Your utility bills will prove it.

Ductless multi-splits operate quietly and don’t blast you with treated air whenever they cycle on. Zoning helps banish hot and cold spots. Longer and slower running times reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality. Ductless multi-splits don’t involve ductwork, so quality HVAC installations are quick and easy.

The gratification of going ductless is worth looking into. Visit Herchenbach Mechanical Inc., and schedule a free consultation to learn more about ductless multi-splits.

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