Ideally, your home will deliver the perfect temperature no matter what room you’re in. Unfortunately, this level of comfort isn’t a reality for many Lake Villa, IL homeowners. Hot and cold spots are a common problem throughout the home. If you’re struggling with uneven temperatures in your home, there are several ways that you can tackle the problem.

Checking Your System’s Size

If you didn’t have a hand in purchasing your home’s current HVAC system, you may not know whether it’s properly sized for your house. Some builders use undersized air conditioners and furnaces as a cost-saving measure. If a previous homeowner selected the system, he or she may not have had the house properly sized beforehand. Our technicians can assess the size of your home and help you determine whether your system is up to par. A properly sized system will make a big difference in helping you achieve even comfort levels.

Caring for Your Ductwork

If you have hot and cold spots in your home, make sure your ducts have been properly installed. Over time, ducts often develop leaks, which may cause air loss around certain parts of the home. Proper installation will help your ducts retain the conditioned air, so you get all the heating and cooling that you need, even in the furthest reaches of the home.

Evaluating Air Flow

Does air have an easy, unobstructed path to travel through your home? If you have heavy curtains, furniture, or clutter near air vents, your conditioned air may have trouble traveling throughout the house. Make sure your air vents are all open and there are as few obstacles as possible, so air can flow easily through your house.

With the right approach, you can even out temperatures in your home and enjoy consistent cooling and heating throughout. If you need assistance sizing your HVAC system, give Herchenbach Mechanical a call at (847) 260-9335. We can help you get the comfort you deserve.

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