Originally published in July 2018

The humble thermostat has been a staple of Lake Villa, IL homes large and small for many decades. The earliest devices required manual operation and had two settings, on and off. Programmable thermostats, which added the ability to schedule heating and cooling periods, became mainstream about 10 years ago. Today, the HVAC industry is flush with a huge selection of home thermostats designed to do everything from control humidity to alert you when the filter needs replacing.

Connect Anywhere

Wi-Fi or connected thermostats give you the ability to control your thermostat with a variety of devices. These items include computers, smartphones, and tablets. All you need is a wireless router at home and a compatible computing device. Both of which are found in most households already.

This kind of thermostat offers convenience and savings on utility costs. Wireless access can make life much easier for people who struggle to move about their homes due to injury, illness, or other conditions.

Thermostats That Learn and Adapt

These smart Wi-Fi thermostats don’t just follow the schedule you give them. They also learn your heating and cooling habits and begin adjusting the temperature so that your home reaches the desired temperature on time. Conventional thermostats won’t start adjusting the temperature until the schedule period begins.

The Smarter Way to Save Money

Imagine that at the last minute you decide to eat out for dinner instead of going home after work. Conventional home thermostats will kick on promptly at the set time whether you’re there or not. On the other hand, Wi-Fi thermostats can be adjusted from anywhere in the world. An evening here and an afternoon there will quickly add up, and you can easily cut your heating and cooling bill by 10 percent or more.

Not sure if your existing HVAC system is compatible with a wireless thermostat? Check out our selection of Wi-Fi thermostats, or give Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. a call to schedule a free quote.

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