When it comes to your Lake Villa, IL home’s heating and cooling system, many different parts work together to keep you comfortable. Two of the most important pieces of equipment in your HVAC system are the air handler and the condenser. But what exactly is the difference between these two components?

The main difference between air handlers and condensers

Air handlers and condensers are two essential components of any air conditioning system. The main difference is that an air handler is responsible for circulating air, while a condenser is responsible for cooling and removing moisture from the air.

Air handlers typically include a blower, heating element, and filter and are located inside. Condensers, on the other hand, include a compressor, cooling coils, and a fan. All you need to do is walk outside and look for a large metal box sitting on a concrete slab. That’s your air condenser. To function properly, both pieces of equipment must be properly sized for the space they’re cooling.

Why proper sizing is important

When it comes to AC systems, size matters. A system that’s too small will have to work overtime to cool your home, leading to higher energy bills and a shortened lifespan. An oversized system, on the other hand, will cool your home too quickly and result in uneven temperatures and excessive moisture.

Proper sizing is essential so your AC can effectively and efficiently cool your home. By considering factors like square footage, and insulation, a qualified HVAC contractor can help you select a system that’s just the right size for your needs.

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Air handlers and condensers are essential parts of an AC system. Each one has a part in cooling your home. Proper sizing is essential for optimal comfort and efficiency. A qualified HVAC contractor can help you select a system that’s just the right size for your needs by taking into account factors such as square footage and insulation.

If you need help selecting a properly sized AC system for your home, contact the experts at Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. Our team of qualified HVAC technicians can help you choose a system that will provide optimal comfort and energy savings for years to come. Book a complimentary consultation now!

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