Summer’s coming, which means temperatures will steadily increase, and efficient air conditioning is going to be vital in keeping your family comfortable. Here are four tips for prepping your Grayslake, IL, home to ensure a smooth AC installation.

1. Choose the Right System

Choosing the right system involves two things: size and type.

  • Size: Both under- and oversized systems are inefficient, cause undue wear and tear on your equipment, and lead to premature replacements. We perform Manual J calculations to ensure your system is the correct size for your home.
  • Type: Our ducted and ductless systems have advantages based on your home’s characteristics and your family’s preferences. Our expert HVAC technicians will help determine which system matches your needs and energy demands.

2. Inspect Your Ducts

Dirt in your ductwork makes for a messy installation. More importantly, dirt can damage your new equipment and adversely affect indoor air quality. Before your AC installation, consider cleaning and sealing your air ducts.

3. Clear a Path

Safe access is critical. Make sure the technician’s path is free of obstacles, including the installation area, stairs, and porches. Inside, pick up toys, move furniture, and remove rugs that might pose a slipping hazard. Outside, clear away sticks, garden hoses, and lawn ornaments that could get in the way.

4. Don’t Forget Your Pets

Put pets in a separate room or secure them outside during the installation process. Protective dogs might bark or growl; a playful puppy could go for the ankles or hinder the technician in some other way. A frightened cat could easily slip out an open door. Clear away toys, food, water bowls, and litter boxes from the technician’s path.

When you’re ready for an AC installation upgrade, call our Herchenbach Mechanical Inc. team. You can also check out our air conditioning services. We can’t wait to outfit your home with a new and improved indoor comfort system!

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