Expert Ductless Repair and Installation Services in Gurnee, IL and Surrounding Communities

ductless systemResidents in Lake County know just how warm the summers can be to counter the cold winters they experience. And most rely on a centralized air conditioner to cool their homes and keep them comfortable during summer’s hottest days. If you’re interested in a more energy-efficient approach to cooling your home when the temperatures are at their highest, consider a ductless air conditioning system. Designed to decrease your energy consumption while improving your home comfort, these systems can also help you lower your utility bill and earn tax credits.

What is a Ductless System?

Ductless systems first gained popularity in Europe and Japan during the 1980s. Today, many people around the world are turning to them because of the numerous benefits they offer. Although many new homes being built today include a ductless system already, older homes in the Lake County area still use ducted systems–10. Since a ductless system doesn’t require ductwork, many homeowners with older homes are opting for this type of heating and cooling system.

Essentially, a ductless system works by utilizing a condenser unit outside and an air-handling unit inside. The condenser cools the refrigerant, which is then pumped into the air handlers through a small line that runs along your home’s exterior wall. The air handlers are usually mounted in the floor, in the ceiling, and on the wall. You’re able to control the temperature on each air-handling unit as opposed to a central household thermostat that a traditional system would have.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless System?

The customer service specialists and certified technicians at Herchenbach Mechanical know what a valuable addition a ductless air conditioning system can be to any Lake County home. They are also experienced at ductless repair and duct-free installation, something that most other HVAC companies in the area can’t claim.

The popularity of ductless systems has recently increased. Here’s why:

  • Ductless systems don’t take up a lot of space because of their compact size.
  • Ductless systems are easy to operate, since all of the components are within reach. All you needs is a remote control to make all your adjustment.
  • Ductless systems are cost-effective and quiet.
  • Ductless systems cut down the amount of air you would otherwise lose with a ducted system.
  • Ductless systems, as the name suggests, don’t require ductwork installation or maintenance

Long-term Savings and Duct-Free Installations

Many people who consider transitioning to a ductless air conditioning system worry about the costs involved with duct-free installation and maintenance. Although ductless systems cost slightly more than traditional air conditioners, keep in mind that they provide long-term savings because of reduction in energy consumption you experience. In addition, ductless systems are designed to withstand the test of time. In most cases, this means you’ll be able to use a ductless system longer than a traditional one, without many ductless repairs to worry about as the system ages.

At Herchenbach Mechanical, we specialize in helping Lake County residents save money and stay comfortable by offering the best options available on the market. A ductless heating and cooling system is one that many people are taking advantage. For more information about how you can adopt this new and improved technology, call Herchenbach Mechanical or contact us via the web form. We’re also happy to assist you with implementing this state-of-the-art technology into your home.

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